Holding onto a beautiful memory latched deep within.

27 MARCH 2020


Generally associated with one gender… Some grow out of this cultural construct indulged upon during childhood, while others continue to embrace it well into adulthood.

Romanchic is a brand that thrives both on the affinity and nostalgia for such cognizance as well as the chic of the now.  

Her mother was an early influence for designer Hyejung Choi, and she grew up loving clothing and with a knack for dressing. A talented artist for as long as she could remember, Choi oddly opted to become a dentist in her teens, and she left Korea in middle school to pursue a career in dental medicine. However, Choi’s high school art teacher encouraged her to attend art school, and that led her get back in touch with her childhood dream of becoming a designer to at Parsons School of Design in New York

“I thought you automatically became a designer once you graduate, but I was wrong. I did several internships in New York for about a year, then came back to Korea to start a multi-brand showroom. Then I challenged myself to compete on Project Runway Korea. I was 29-years old, and I entered because I was eager to accomplish something in my 20s, and luckily, I finished as one of the top 3 finalists."
After gaining some on-field experience, Choi launched ROMANCHIC in 2013. Despite how one’s taste in personal style might shift, she believes that women, deep inside, remain nostalgic for that proverbial pink dress. Womenswear can be chic and modern but still appeal to that childhood memory, and that is the very idea that Choi is committed to.

“I found the perfect balance between the two, romantic and chi. It hit the core target just right.”
2020 S/S
Passion and freedom of resort towns

A collection defined by exoticism and freedom. Inspired by Illetes Beach in Mallorca, Spain, Choi reflects on the liberating mood of an exotic resort town. Colors like red and white representing the glaring sunlight, as well as black, beige and pink pulled from romantic holiday getaways…


Photography : Gunsang Park
Video : Kyungtae Hwang
Editor : Seoyoung Yeo
Photography Assistant : Haewon Lee
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Product Summary Holding onto a beautiful memory latched deep within.
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